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No Weezy for us. You know they could've just let his (year old) warrant ride out 'til the BET Hip Hop Awards and made a real spectacle of it. But nooooooo. The Boise PD decided to arrest Mr. Carter AFTER his show, holding him up in Idaho till he was released on bond Saturday night.

Needless to say, the "Gods of Hip Hop & Comedy" show did not start out on a good note.

Charlie Murphy Live - 10.6.07

When I walked up to Mac Court (an hour before the doors opened), the crowd outside was already stirring with the rumor of Wayne being a no show. And the vibe went south from there. The rest of the entertainers did perform, but the crowd was pissed to say the least. & so was Charlie Murphy. I really hope someone youtubes him going off. Murphy's last words were shots directed toward the promoter, and he asked the crowd not to judge him on this performance. Charlie then spiked the mic and left the venue after only about 10-20 minutes of standup. Much respect to Joe for putting down a good set despite the unruly audience chanting "WEEZY!". After his first song, he had to put everything on pause and draw security's attention down front to stop a female brawl. Local hip hop act Greenstate got pelted with "boo"s and flying foreign objects. Ker ray zee night. I had to split before Sean Kingston took the stage.

Click on either image to see more photos from Charlie & Joe's performance.

UPDATE: This evening, 94.9 JAMZ issued a statement saying they are negotiating a make-up performance with Lil Wayne. (I heard mention on the station of a November December date in the works.) No refunds are being issued but they encouraged ticketholders to keep their stubs. They are also banning all things Charlie Murphy from their station. (See comments section of this post for the complete press release.)

AUDIO UPDATE: Lil Wayne explains and promises when he does make it to Eugene "it's goin' down!"
(Courtesy of Dustin Locke / 94.9 JAMZ)

Fat Joe Live - 10.6.07

Hello all ... welcome to my first photoggablog. Words will be few & pictures will be plenty.
I hope to add to the visual element of the EW! Plan on seeing lots of shots of from concerts/events (paired with reviews at times) and some other freaky, random things I see around town that entertain me.

The Black Crowes Live - 9.30.07
I've wanted to see The Black Crowes live ever since I heard "Twice As Hard" back in nineteen ninety whatever. Sunday night, that finally happened. & I have to say, they didn't disappoint. Chris' voice and the whole band were on point. They've always been my kind of rock'n'roll band ... very seventies, heavy on the blues/soul-influence. I was really hoping to hear a couple songs (no, not that one), but oh well. They did sprinkle in some other favorites from both of their best albums (Amorica and The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion) in my opinion.
Check out their complete set list and more photos below (click any image to see the full gallery.)

The Black Crowes Live - 9.30.07The Black Crowes Live - 9.30.07

Set List:
1. No Speak No Slave ->
2. Gone
3. Hotel Illness
4. Greasy Grass River
5. Sister Luck
6. Darling Of The Underground Press
7. My Morning Song
8. Rockin' Chair
9. Soul Singing
10. Girl From A Pawnshop
11. Jealous Again
12. Thorn In My Pride
- encore -
13. Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan cover)

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