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It's so funny. And yet funny in that all Tina Fey has to do is repeat the bizarre things Sarah Palin says to be funny way.

If you haven't already checked out and clicked on all the little details (Maverick!) then do so now, laugh, then feel little frisson of horror when you realize how damn close to the truth it is.

My friend Jeff Shaw works for an alternative weekly in Minnesota as a blogger (Yup some weeklies somehow afford full-time bloggers, here at EW we blog because we like it. Or something like that). Jeff has had an interesting career. Seattle Mariners Blogger, Fulbright scholar to Japan and I do seem to remember a time period in which he seemed to be supporting himself playing online poker.

Jeff posted an analysis of McCain versus Obama to his blog today based on their gambling preferences.

It goes something like this: McCain plays craps, a dice game based on chance in which statistically if you keep playing, you will always lose money.

Obama favors poker, a game in which, according to Jeff (who would know) if you use some skill, you can win and actually make money.

Hmmmm. It's all about the strategery.

So which candidate are you supporting in the Democratic primary? Or are you for a Green Party candidate like McKinney?

Are you still on the fence and undecided? Many of Oregon's superdelegates may have decided, but they aren't saying until after Oregon's primary.

Earl Blumenauer has endorsed Obama while Gov, Ted Kulongoski and Darlene Hooley are superdelegates endorsing Clinton. Sen. Ron Wyden hasn’t endorsed yet, but Josh Kardon, his chief of staff, chairs Clinton’s campaign.

Also in the “waiting til after the primary camp” are Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, Reps. David Wu and Peter DeFazio, Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Meredith Wood-Smith, and Vice-Chair Frank Dixon, Democratic National Committeewoman Jenny Greenleaf, DNC Committeeman Wayne Kinney and the Oregon Education Association’s Gail Rasmussen (OEA endorsed Obama, but Rasmussen has not committed). Former Portland Commissioner Erik Sten appears to be for Clinton.

Unlike the Republican candidates, who seem to have a poor track record when it comes to furry folk, the Dems are coming out full of puppy love.

According to an AP wire story out today, Obama announced that he doesn't just want to be the people's president, but a president for all critters:

"What about animal rights?" a woman shouted out during the candidate's town hall meeting outside Las Vegas Wednesday after he discussed issues that relate more to humans, like war, health care and the economy.

Obama responded that he cares about animal rights very much, "not only because I have a 9-year-old and 6-year-old who want a dog." He said he sponsored a bill to prevent horse slaughter in the Illinois state Senate and has been repeatedly endorsed by the Humane Society.

"I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other," he
said. "And it's very important that we have a president who is mindful
of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals."

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