This morning, the Smithsonian tweeted a great link:

When I looked at the Flickr set, I thought Eugeneans (some of whom don't know snow very well) might like it too. Luckily, Flickr has an embed code for slideshows!

We've shown you the fantastic first three Simon's Cat videos before on EW! A Blog, but I'm here to tell you that:

1. Simon's Cat has a new book!

2. Simon's Cat has a (rather weird) app for iPhone/Touch. (I've downloaded this, but we haven't tried it yet. I think we might need a musician for it, but I do look forward the cat singing back ... )

3. Simon's Cat has a new video! It seems to be the first half of a 2-parter, and I don't like it as much as the others, but still, it's new!

Here it is:

4. Simon's Cat artist, er, Simon (Tofield), talked with the BBC about his book. This is where I learned that cats are called "moggies" in the UK, which made me think of Mogget in Garth Nix's most splendid Old Kingdom books. Um, and that is all I have to say about Simon's Cat for the moment. Laters!

I've been impressed for the last couple days that, despite the snow and icy roads, the city and county have not ground to a halt. Everyone that I have called at the city of Eugene, as I wrote stories this week, has been in their office, and the same for the county.

Here at the EW we've been braving the elements and slipping and sliding into work each day (full disclosure, some of us have left a little early so as not to go skidding home on the newly refrozen ice after dark).

At least the EW office is close to downtown. The R-G and other purveyors of local news are located out off Delta Highway and I-5, which I discovered yesterday during a trip to the dentist, are even scarier to drive on than 13th Ave. Fewer skittering pedestrians, but far more people convinced "four-wheel drive" means "my tires are magnetically glued to the road." Judging from the sliding cars and multiple accidents I was seeing, they are learning the hard way that while four-wheel drive helps, it doesn't ensure safety. Drive slower people!

At any rate, while huddled under a sleeping bag on my sofa last night I was impressed to see the local nightly news teams are undeterred by the dangerous conditions and are out on the job bringing us heartwarming stories of the snow, Ducks games and new shopping centers.


And judging from this photo that showed up in my inbox, some of the reporters have been spicing up their newscasts with a little snow, uh, man or two.

I don't have anything, really, for Giftmas blogging right now.

Except maybe a solar charger for my iPod and for my laptop.

Oh, and motivation. I'm peculiarly unmotivated right now. Perhaps I need a vacation? (I will take Christmas Day off. I think. I worked it last year. Hm.)

Luckily, vacation is coming, and I'm going away to the snow and the caucuses. Exciting!

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