Neverending Xmas Music

I cannot be unique in wondering if the 10 a capella singin' dudes in INTERNETS SINGING SENSATIONS! Straight No Chaser are straight. Right?

No, I'm not:

Never mind that Straight No Chaser had less to do with slamming shots than serving as a two-tiered pun on the group's lack of instrumental accompaniment and its raging heterosexuality ("we had 10 straight guys in a singing group," says Stine, when the process of natural selection determines that any all-male choir "will at least have some of the other persuasion").

OK, um, whut? Ennnnyway, Eugene, Straight No Chaser was (were?) a group in the late 1990s at Indiana University, a Very Extremely Famous place for music that somehow had no male a capella groups. The dudes got together (but not, like, "got together," cause see, they're straight) and decided to change that. In 2007, one of their videos became what is known in this world of Internet-speek as a "viral" sensation. Some record exec saw it, blah blah, called them on New Year's, blah blah, they got back together as a group and have been busy releasing albums ever since. (A new one drops in November, I believe.)

SNC is (are?) coming to the Hult Center at 7 pm Sunday. Here are a couple of videos, just in case you have missed THE INTERNETS SINGING SENSATIONS in your busy life:

12 Days of Christmas recorded at Indiana University

A Very Funneh Teaser Video for SNC's New Album of You Guessed It Xmas Musique (I'm kind of in love with the photographer.)

Find more videos like this on Straight No Chaser

Once again, tix ($20-$32, which seems pretty reasonable to me for a group with, hello, 10 members) are available here.

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