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10 pm update:
1. The ODE board will meet with the striking newsroom editors at 8 am tomorrow.
2. The ODE Board has issued a statement after a board meeting. In its entirety:

The Oregon Daily Emerald Board of Directors looks forward to meeting with the newsroom staff Thursday morning, with the goal of ensuring the staff's participation in the continued publication of the ODE.
Steve Smith, who had been offered the position of interim publisher by the ODE board, has withdrawn. The board intends to undertake a national search for a publisher.
The editorial independence of the ODE continues to be of paramount concern, and at no time has the board attempted to undermine that.
In addition, the board remains committed to its responsibility of overseeing the financial stability of the ODE.
We look forward to a prosperous future of providing news to the campus community, as well as a valuable educational opportunity for University students.

3 pm update: We hear the ODE newsroom staff will meet with School of Journalism and Communication dean Tim Gleason at 4 pm. More on this in Update Seven ...

Thanks to Daniel Bachhuber and Kai Davis (Twitter), who posted this to Twitter, we can tell you that the newsroom staff of the Oregon Daily Emerald has gone on strike.

See this link for more info, and we'll post more as we talk to board members, editorial staff and others. Update: The ODE newsroom staff have begun to update their blog after a bit of a slow start this morning.

Basically? It's about student control of the paper, it's about financial health and it's about the board of the ODE making what the students see as a unilateral hiring decision. (Kai Davis' post linked above has way more on that.)

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