Took yesterday off from the blog for, you know, writing purposes. The print paper can be demanding. Crazy old media. (I'd insert an emoticon here, but isn't that just so obvious?)

1. Wine in the news. Saves lives in Greece (though the story is tragic) and especially in the Willamette Valley, heralds global warming.

2. L.A. catching up with Eugene. OK, maybe surpassing us. But Weyerhauser and NextStep do a great job even if they're not city-sponsored.

3. Pollution kills. Watch out for that rising economy thing, China.

4. More "Californication." Actually, I got nothing against Cali, but plans to screw the lower Columbia and Coos Bay don't make me happy.

5. Bush may be an idiot. But he's a loyal one!

6. Got art? Got debt? If you're a college, sell off that art! Or maybe not.

7. Stupid city ordinance. I kind of fell in love with the blog posts about xeriscaping here. (But if you're into dahlias, you'll also be happy.) Extra cool: It's by Ketzel Levine. She lives in Portland. I heard a rumor that she used to work at KLCC, but I can't find any documentation of that. Yes? No? Readers?

8. Fear and photos. A bad combination for civil liberties and common sense.

9. Idaho is a gorgeous state. But one of its senators ain't lookin' too good right now.

10. Were you awake for the lunar eclipse?

This is what it looked like in San Francisco.

1. What has the federal government done for New York lately? Perhaps because of its semi-Republican mayor, NY gets millions to help relieve traffic congestion.

2. Pakistan is 60. Celebrations, confabulations follow.
(Oh, and let's remember Partition, shall we?) That is to say, not everybody is celebrating.)

3. Those are my ancestors, thank you very much! "Bronze Age man was a bit of a boozer."

"There were up to 4500 breweries in Ireland in the Bronze Age, which means it was the most widespread brewing industry in prehistory in the world," Mr Moore said.

4. What's up in Turkey? Looks like a religious-secular clash.
(Plus an interview on "the state of science in Muslim countries," just in case Turkey becomes one.)

5. Holy suitcases stuffed with cash, Batman! International conspiracy between Argentina and Venezuela?

6. Oh yes, let's give a squirming, lying creep control over states' death penalty cases, shall we?

7. Stop buying plastic crap for your kids. Even Mattel says so.

8. After Dick Cheney gets out of the way, what will happen to the dams on the Klamath River? The O weighs in.

9. When good companies go bad. Oh, Jones Soda, we knew you when.

10. Incroyable! Les Français aiment Ratatouille! (Er, the article is in English; I'd link to the one in French, but those bâtardes want 6 € a month. And BugMeNot can't help b/c it's pay-per-view. Zut alors!.)

BONUS: Who's Afraid of Incestuous Gay Monkey Sex?

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