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Say you're the gov of Virginia, answering questions in your last radio show as governor, and suddenly, you get a call from a dude named Barry ...

(I found the content depressing, but the first few seconds are fun, before the "no, you're the greatest" "No, you" "No, your wife" "No, your wife" blah blah blah kicks in.)

Just in case you're not a kid or parent, or in case your school district (I mean skool distrikt), *coughMedfordcough*, didn't show President Obama's EXTREMELY CONTROVERSIAL speech this morning, we provide a link to the shining monument to socialism:

And the text is after the jump.

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Seriously: What. The. Fuck.

Media Matters put together this "100 Days of Fair and Balanced" video, made up of clips from FOX — one for every day of Obama's first 100 days.

Couple of serious jaw-droppers in there amid the, er, drumbeat of "fair and balanced":

OK, so we couldn't make it to DC for the White House Easter Egg Roll, but we searched the Interwebs, hunting judiciously, and we dragged this piece of awesomeness back:


Now that Barack Obama is president (despite Fox News' musings to the contrary) the time has come to settle a major debate: Who will the First Dog be?

Obama reportedly told George Stephanopoulos of ABC News that the family has narrowed their choices down to a Portuguese water dog or a Labradoodle.

Feeling puppy-ish after the video? Greenhill Humane Society is having Inauguration adoption special today: dogs are $64, and puppies $92 or more. Cats and kittens are $36 to $66. Rabbits $26, and small animals such as guinea pigs $5 and $10.

The cost is a bargain; it includes includes spay or neuter, a vet visit, starter vaccinations, a microchip, an ID tag and a leash or carrier.

HBO didn't show Rev. V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire, the openly gay bishop who gave Sunday's invocation. The omission was a mistake according to the Presidential Inaugural Committee and HBO, who say it will be available in all subsequent broadcasts. So in case you missed it (or like me, don't have cable), here is the inaugural concert, complete with Robinson's invocation from Sunday, January 18, 2009.

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