From a press release sent to EW on July 30, 2008.

August 4-12, nearly 1,200 members of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) will gather in Marcola, Oregon at the Willamettans nudist resort, to celebrate this year's convention theme "Here Comes the Fun."

I'm a little confused on the theme here. OK, so I just arrived at the convention. I've unpacked my two bottles of sunscreen. Finally stripped to my birthday suit after many long and sweaty and clothed hours driving out to Marcola. I step out of my RV and see a big banner that proclaims "Here Comes the Fun!" and so I smile a little, thinking maybe the message is directed towards me. But then by the sixth morning, when I step out of my RV with a slight headache from all the mint juleps I drank the night before while chatting up a fellow nudist on the bocce ball court, and see that banner, won't I think maybe the fun has already arrived, that it's been here for quite some time, and that maybe I'm just not getting it until ... finally ... it hits me: Holy Moly! It's a play off of a Beatles Song! Because, you know, I'm a 55 year old retired chiropractor and former Flower Child who thinks the Beatles were, like, the Kings of Rock and still are the Kings of Rock. My life comes back into focus. I finally feel a bit ... you know ... mature for being able to enjoy this resort without desiring anything more than a good game of shuffleboard and many hours cooking my wrinkled, melanoma-kissed skin in the dry hot heat by the volleyball courts.

Well, while writing out this scenario I wasn't aware that the R-G took this same press release and turned it into a feature story. But, now that I've read that piece, I'm mostly thinking of the guy they quoted in their Aug. 5 article:
"You can't bowl totally nude, you have to wear shoes," said Chicago area resident George Morrison, 75, who drove his RV about 2,000 miles to make the first day of the convention on Saturday.

Hmmm, driving RVs (that get less than 10 mpg) over 2,000 miles across the country to attend a convention in the nude ... it just makes me proud to be an American, really.

Let's endure some more freedom!

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