We've shown you the fantastic first three Simon's Cat videos before on EW! A Blog, but I'm here to tell you that:

1. Simon's Cat has a new book!

2. Simon's Cat has a (rather weird) app for iPhone/Touch. (I've downloaded this, but we haven't tried it yet. I think we might need a musician for it, but I do look forward the cat singing back ... )

3. Simon's Cat has a new video! It seems to be the first half of a 2-parter, and I don't like it as much as the others, but still, it's new!

Here it is:

4. Simon's Cat artist, er, Simon (Tofield), talked with the BBC about his book. This is where I learned that cats are called "moggies" in the UK, which made me think of Mogget in Garth Nix's most splendid Old Kingdom books. Um, and that is all I have to say about Simon's Cat for the moment. Laters!

So as you can probably tell by the Twitter stream to the right of the blog posts, I'm kind of addicted to Twitter (I have my own feed as well, where I'm, er, much more active).

A few things I read because of Twitter today:

• Michael Gambon doesn't read J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. Also, he wanted "a more intense" Dumbledore than had been in the books. I guess he didn't know that Dumbledore is gay AND WE CANNOT HAVE TEH GAY MAN SHAKING TEH BOY B/C WHAT WOULD IT MEAN FOR THE CHILDRENS?! Anyway, kind of a fun story. Molly has vowed to get a review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince into the paper this week, so you'll all know more soon.

And what the heck, here's a trailer:

• Wonkette is funny, but the people who comment on her posts are even funnier. An example:

• The Portland Art Museum (acronym PAM, like Seattle's SAM, which, why can't we have SEAM (Springfield/Eugene Art Museum) instead of JSMA, you know what I mean?!) is hosting a very cool tattoo event with magic and fire dancing.

• Cats know how to manipulate us. (Duh.) I love this part (quoted in this version):

The manipulative purrs seem to be most frequently used by cats who have the most one-to-one contact with their owners, rather than those who live in large households where purring might get drowned out by the general din.

• And this is very, very wrong. Possibly more wrong than the remake of Footloose I've been hearing about.

Over and out.

Sad news for Bijou fans: Boo, the enormous, ever-present theater cat, died this weekend. "She would have been 23 on the 17th," says Joe Lewis, whose exact job I am unsure of but who, as far as I can tell, is the Bijou's general does-everything-what-needs-doing kind of guy (the R-G last referred to him as the "administrative assistant," but that sounds less fun). "She'd had kidney disease for several years, and it got better and got worse, but it was progressing." They took her to the vet on Sunday night, when, Lewis says, she was ready to go after having a hard time the last few weeks.

Lewis says Boo had been at the Bijou for 11 years. Last year, there was talk about finding her a new home, as she was disturbing the building's other tenants when the theater was closed, but she stayed with the Bijou until the end. As for whether or not the theater will get another cat, he says, "I'd rather take a little bit of a break," and notes that Boo's lack of interest in escape probably kept her around, and safe, longer than most cats. "A lot of cats have wanderlust. She was kind of one in a million."

That's the truth. Bye, Boo! I'll miss your cranky yowls when I'd walk in for noon screenings, and the rumbling purr that even the smallest of ear-skritches could conjure up. I'n not looking forward to the first time I go to the Bijou and there's no complaining — but sweet — kitty on her own particular chair.

Image provided by the Bijou.

Last year the energetic staff and volunteers at Save the Pets set a goal of finding homes for 100 pets during the holiday season. They met that goal, and this year together with West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue they plan to find homes for the holidays for 250 animals.

The groups, together with a plethora of other rescues around town, will be at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses in Coburg every Saturday and Sunday at from 11-3. You can find your dream dog or cat in all shapes, colors and sizes. There will also be arts and crafts, wreaths, special appearances and other nonprofits you can check out.

For more info or event updates go to or call Lori Smith ( Save the Pets 686-2467 or Julie McDonnell, ( West Coast Dog & Cat Rescue 337-2157.

If you want to support animal rescue but aren't ready to bring a Fido or a Fluffy home just yet, head on over to Lane County Animal Services' (LCAS) Laughs for Lassie benefit for LCAS at the Hult Center at 7 pm on Dec. 5. Tickets at the Hult Center office, $26.


Since I was a bitter teenager in Elmira, I've been seeing movies at the Bijou (well, apart from that nine-year break where I didn't live here), and for that long I've also had a soft spot for the theater's resident cat, Boo*. Boo is 23, according to her MySpace profile (I could swear she was only 19!), and for as long as I've been petting her she's been, well, kinda big. But she's a sweetie of a cat who purrs if you scratch her ears just right and who always has a "mrrowp?" for a cat-loving critic who can't seem to see a movie there without petting her first.

But Boo, it turns out, might need a new home. She gets lonely when no one's around. She's quite old for a cat, and she'll need a lot of attention and probably ring up some vet bills as she gets older. But maybe you work at home, or otherwise have a lot of time and love to give to a sweet older cat. If you do, call the Bijou folks at 686-3229. It sounds like at the moment, there's still a chance she'll get to stay, but she might need you.

(That sound you hear? Is me sniffling at the the thought of the Bijou without Boo.)

* March 11, 2009: I'm informed that the cat at the Bijou when I was a wee teen may have been a cat other than Boo. Perhaps I'm mixing up my years; she was there for 11 years, meaning since 1998 — waaaay after I was done with high school. In my mind, though, it'll always be the same cat!

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