I thought at first it was a spoof. Then I realized it is a spoof, but in a prime time ongoing sort of way as opposed to a one time deal. The Goode Family, it's what happens when Eugene meets King of the Hill (or Beavis and Butthead for that matter, also a Mike Judge creation). When saving the world and pc goes all wrong…

Our Nesting issue comes out on Thursday, and I promised some links and discussion of green contractors and green remodeling, water stewardship classes and eco-friendly cleaners. That's coming on Thursday, but do feel free to leave comments about how you keep your home, garden, apartment, cleaning, cooking and other nesting-ish projects/spaces environmentally friendly!

The 2009 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference features a lot o' speakers and panels (various of us are popping in and out, and Camilla's there for the duration). One of the speakers, on Sunday at 12:15 pm in the EMU Ballroom, is Riki Ott.

Ott tells the story of the legal fight against Exxon in her new book, Not One Drop. She's a marine biologist and thought about making a living as a commercial fisher, but then ... well, we know what happened in March, 1989.

If you don't, here's a CBS story not only on the spill but on the massive economic devastation in the fishing community, and on the shock of the Supreme Court June, 2008, ruling that basically told Exxon "Whatever. That was then, and why should you have to pay for what you let happen?"

Just in case you missed the info? Exxon made more than $45 billion in profits in 2008.

I'm pretty sure Riki Ott is still fighting. I can't go hear her on Sunday, but I hope some of y'all can. The publisher produced a pretty compelling trailer for the book, which I've embedded here.

CarrotMob could make Eugene a greener place.

The local idea from the GreenLane Sustainable Business Network goes like this:

clipped from greenlane-sbn.org

  1. Businesses compete with how much good they are willing to do.
  2. Consumers choose one business they want to reward.
  3. Consumers support that business by making coordinated purchases.
  4. The most successful business gets rich.
  5. Consumers buy things that they would buy anyway, but by organizing themselves, they change the world.

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The first environmental project according to the website will involve local coffee shops. There's also a Carrotmob Eugene Facebook page.

The carrot, reverse eco-boycot idea appears to have had a big impact in San Francisco:

• Apple iTunes Removes Its Grubby Little Dirty Fingers From Your Lawfully-Purchased Music! Will I continue to use iTunes for music playing? Sure. Will I resume purchasing music from iTunes music store now that they woke the fuck up? Sorry, Apple, but your shit-eating grin doesn't make you cool anymore.

• Bush Protects Nearly 200,000 Square-Miles of U.S. Territory As National Monument, And It's Entirely Underwater!

The three new monuments, surrounding far-flung islands, reefs and atolls scattered across the Pacific, will add 195,000 square miles of protected waters to the nearly 140,000 square miles around the Northwest Hawaiian Islands that Bush protected in 2006.

Of course, this didn't stop the Bush administration from trying to sell our already public and protected lands in Utah to the highest bidder Bush's cronies in the oil & gas industry last month. (Whoops! Looks like it took one U of Utah student to step away from the meaningless picket line and make an actual difference. He casually attended the auction and actually won quite a few bids before he was arrested on dubious charges. Now the whole darn mess won't be sorted out until Obama takes the White House. In other words, like a good American, he fucked shit up.)

So which candidate are you supporting in the Democratic primary? Or are you for a Green Party candidate like McKinney?

Are you still on the fence and undecided? Many of Oregon's superdelegates may have decided, but they aren't saying until after Oregon's primary.

Earl Blumenauer has endorsed Obama while Gov, Ted Kulongoski and Darlene Hooley are superdelegates endorsing Clinton. Sen. Ron Wyden hasn’t endorsed yet, but Josh Kardon, his chief of staff, chairs Clinton’s campaign.

Also in the “waiting til after the primary camp” are Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, Reps. David Wu and Peter DeFazio, Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Meredith Wood-Smith, and Vice-Chair Frank Dixon, Democratic National Committeewoman Jenny Greenleaf, DNC Committeeman Wayne Kinney and the Oregon Education Association’s Gail Rasmussen (OEA endorsed Obama, but Rasmussen has not committed). Former Portland Commissioner Erik Sten appears to be for Clinton.

According to a recent scientific study the use of a "beer fridge" has a direct link to a lack of energy savings. The study, entitled: "Who Pays for the 'Beer' Fridge?: Evidence from Canada"" explores the energy waste generated by households that when purchasing a new refrigerator, turn their older "vintage" one into a "beer fridge."

"Beer fridge" would be terminology employed by University of Alberta economist Denise Young. I didn't make it up.

"Older vintage ‘beer fridges’ are costly for households to run and impose costs on the environment," writes Young in her study published in the journal Energy Policy.

Also in breaking eco-news is the study published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that says divorce is bad for the environment. The increasing numbers of divorces world wide has led to more houses with fewer people in them.

The researchers found that divorce causes an increase in the number of houses constructed, which takes up energy and space. The new homes also use energy in heating and cooling.

The researchers' 2005 data showed that divorced households used an extra 73 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and 627 billion gallons of water when compared to married households.

All of this energy consumption leads, as everyone seems to agree these days, to greenhouse gases and global warming.

Now, if you just add "beer fridges" into the equation -- and I'm assuming here that a certain percentage of newly single divorced guys may want to indulge in the "beer fridge" practice -- then you're talking about a lot of polar bears sliding into the sea off of the melting polar ice.

I'm just not sure what the logical conclusions of these studies are: Save the earth by staying together and drinking warm beer?

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