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Here is the full audio of our interview with Peter DeFazio

Hey Eugene Weekly readers! Just wanted to give a little first-night-of-Hanukkah gift to y'all. I bought the fantastic Songs in the Key of Hanukkah album last year (yeah, that's created by Borat's little brother, Erran Baron Cohen), and here's one of my fave songs off of the album (which only contains ONE version of the Dreidel Song, and it's not a bad version, either).

It's a version of Flory Jagoda's Ladino song Ocho Kandelikas, performed by Baron Cohen and Yasmin Levy (and other musicians). So, Chanukkah Sameach from all of us at the EW!

Happy New Year and Welcome to the Great Apocalypse! Endure your freedom to freak the fuck out with a host of beautifully doomed rats, yawns, pretending robots, futures, new beginnings, winters, years 1999, 2012, 2080 and, of course, Episode 17 of the Signal:Noise music podcast. With guest host Ida in tow, Mr. Chuck will look into the crystal light bulb for supreme tunes by Eskimo & Sons, Andrew Bird, Yeasayer, The Walkmen, Les Savy Fav, Arcade Fire, MGMT, Los Campesinos!, Love is All, Badly Drawn Boy, and Flight of the Conchords (pictured above). Love this stuff to death? iTunes users can subscribe to this podcast by clicking HERE.

Welcome to the Eugene, Oregon Episode. Join Mr. Chuck on the 16th installation of the Signal:Noise music podcast as he mines the local scene for music and unearths a few treasures along the way. (Although he readily admits that he totally forgot to include some of his favorite Eugene bands ... therefore this is probably just part ONE of many.) Check out the mud-slicked, waterlogged sounds of Bad Mitten Orchestre, Muke, Heavenly Oceans (pictured), Eleven Eyes, Sid & Fancy, Mood Area 52, The Sawyer Family and more!

The Obama Hell Yeah! Episode. On the 15th dispatch from the Signal:Noise studios, host Mr. Chuck rallies the cherubs, unicorns and other mystical & majestic beasts of lore for a show that is both celebratory, cerebral and catastrophic. Tune in for the songs of Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Department of Eagles, Atlas Sound, The Clash, Of Montreal, The Fugees, The Go! Team, Michael Jackson and TV on the Radio. And why not make it easy on yourself? Obama-supporting iTunes users can subscribe to this podcast by clicking HERE. V is for Victory. P is for Play.

As promised in the print version, here's the audio of Alan's pre-election interview with Peter DeFazio.

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Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy has a song in her tight race against Jim Torrey.

This, the SCANDINAVIAN episode of Signal:Noise, is probably the most signally of all the podcasts. Host Mr. Chuck lets the hits from the Nordic region of the planet reverbate in your ears uninterrupted. It’s streaming audio for your whale blubber milkshake lunch! Since there is no spoken playlist, here is your cheat sheet:

Bjork • Pneumonia

Lykke Li • I’m Good, I’m Gone
Shout Out Louds • South America
The Knife • Marble House
El Perro Del Mar • How Did We Forget
I’m From Barcelona • The Painter
Jens Lekman • Sipping on the Sweet Nectar

The Raveonettes • Love in a Trashcan

Lindstrøm • The Long Way Home

Múm • Rhuubarbidoo
Sigur Rós • Festival (radio edit)

Ace of Base • Happy Nation

The Disco-Synth Drizzle Episode. With a dollop of high society infiltrating the Signal:Noise studios, join an echoey Mr. Chuck the Friendly Ghost as he plays, in his own words, “discotheque along with some down-tempo and synth-pop” music. “Please, bear witness,” he says, laughing like a giddy schoolboy. If you decide to tune in, you might hear new music from the likes of Hercules & Love Affair, Cut Copy, Glass Candy (pictured), Crystal Castles, Daedelus, Friendly Fires, Stars, Dntel, of Montreal and Chromatics. Poison or remedy? And why not make it easy on yourself? iTunes users can subscribe to this podcast by clicking HERE. Hit it, people.

Blame it on The Beatles. Ever since they popularized the animal name in band names (along with their offshoot The Monkees), it's been downhill ever since. On Episode 12 of Signal:Noise, host Mr. Chuck explores recent bands that best embody the animal moniker in honor of our recent Pets Issue. Along the way he somehow manages to play actual human music by the likes of The Dodos, Wolf Parade, Sea Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Breathe Owl Breathe (pictured), New Buffalo, Dr. Dog, Monkey: Journey to the West, Bear Hunter, Animal Collective, White Rabbits and the band Eddie Vedder was in before Pearl Jam. And remember, iTunes users can subscribe to this podcast by clicking HERE.

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