September is Ãœber-Mega-Tronix Month for Great Shows

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Good news for all you listeners of fine, Pitchfork-certified music out there:
Eugene has a stellar fall lineup of music awaiting your glassy-eyed stares and mannequin poses.

Look for the following acts in our area in the splendid month of September:

Sept. 6 — Brandi Carlile @ WOW Hall
Sept. 7 — Okkervil River @ WOW Hall (EC wristband; cheap!)
Sept. 7 — Mirah @ McDonald Theatre (EC wristband; cheap!)
Sept. 7 — Shiny Toy Guns @ McDonald Theatre (EC wristband; cheap! Thanks, Leona!)
Sept. 10 — Wolf Parade @ WOW Hall
Sept. 18 — Todd Rundgren @ WOW Hall
Sept. 19 — Built to Spill @ WOW Hall
Sept. 22 — Subtle @ WOW Hall
Sept. 23 — Bright Eyes @ McDonald Theater
Sept. 28 — Arctic Monkeys @ McDonald Theater

and drifting over into October…

Oct. 5 — Frank Black @ WOW Hall
Oct. 10 — Shout Out Louds @ WOW Hall (newly added; thanks Molly)
Oct. 12 — Electric Six @ WOW Hall

and even further telescoping our musical antennae…

Oct. 30 — Aesop Rock @ WOW Hall
Oct. 31 — Architecture in Helsinki @ WOW Hall

You forgot Shout Out Louds

You forgot Shout Out Louds at the WOW Hall! Yay, Swedish pop rock!

Submitted by Molly Templeton on Wed, 08/15/2007 - 09:57.

Yes, indeed. Sweden is the new Canada.

Submitted by Chuck Adams on Wed, 08/15/2007 - 11:17.
What brings such awesome acts to Eugene in September?

It's at least partially the Eugene Celebration. Sept. 7 — Okkervil River @ WOW Hall; Sept. 7 — Mirah @ McDonald Theatre; Sept. 7 — Shiny Toy Guns @ McDonald Theatre-- all part of the Celebration and included in the amazing $10 wristband price. Is it tacky for the Celebration's primary PR hack to take credit in a blog comment? Maybe, but we're super proud of the line-up, and it took FOREVER to orchestrate it as beautifully as we have. Might I also plug that The Dimes, The Brunettes, Dirty Sweet, Lafa Taylor, MarvEllis, Ehren Ebbage, Mood Area 52, and many others will also be there? $10!!! So cheap!!!

Submitted by Leona (not verified) on Fri, 08/17/2007 - 10:57.

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