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So just yesterday I posted a little thing that mentioned The Tales of Beedle the Bard, the handmade book by Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling that was sold at auction for nearly $4 million. (For those not keeping up, Tales is referenced in — is in fact quite important to — Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows.) All yesterday's news said was that an agent purchased it.

Turns out the real buyer was Amazon.

What does this mean?

It means we get to see it. And look at it. And talk about it.

Three cheers for Amazon, I say.

Beedle Bard

I saw that the book was on Amazon website, but when I went to check out the pictures, it all pictures of the cover and a few close ups of some of the illustration. What is up with that?

Though I did like that there was a sypnosis of the stories on the site, that was nice, I just thought that it would nice to actually see the stories, even a page of them.

Submitted by SAF (not verified) on Wed, 12/19/2007 - 11:19.
Silly Amazon

Yeah, I was hoping they'd post the whole thing in scans (though I wonder if they even CAN do that, legally. You'd think JKR would probably give her approval). But getting to see a little of it, and read reviews, is still far better than it being locked up in some rich guy's safe, never to be seen by mortal men, I think.

Submitted by Molly Templeton on Wed, 12/19/2007 - 13:29.

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