Stepping off the Gas

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With gas prices through the roof and the economy in the tank, locals are using less gas.

Here's a chart of declining gas use from a recent LCOG memo:

The drop mirrors that for the Northwest and U.S. in a recent Sightline Institute study:

The trend is good for reducing global warming and increasing livability, but will it stick if gas prices drop or the economy improves? Sightline thinks so, especially if governments increase transit and bicycling alternatives and limit urban sprawl.

I'm tired of your politics Alan Pittman.

1. Gas prices are not "through the roof". They were "through the roof" last year. Right now, they are at about 2.77 a gallon for regular in Eugene.
2. There is no proof for man-made climate change. As far as i can tell, it's a Trojan horse for a global tax & a dramatic restructuring of society. Environmentalism is also pretty obviously a stand-in for the declining power of religion in the west, it will now be complete with carbon tax indulgences. Conservation is common sense, environmentalism is a religion.
3. You know who else is really excited about lowering the use of gasoline right now? Nike. Lots of other big corporations are too. Why is it suddenly in their interest to care?
4. How is less gas purchasing going to "increase livability" in Eugene? That makes no sense.
5. Instead of hating on suburbia, which has been the American model for the last sixty years & what a large number of Americans grew up in & shouldn't have to constantly defend, why don't you tell me what your great society looks like. It's like you're out there criticizing toothpaste, talking up some kind of imaginary brand that you haven't made yet. Make a superior product & sell it.
6. Dense urban population leads to increased human issues, which the population of Eugene seems to be ridiculously offended by, whether they are positive OR negative. There is little tolerance for real urban culture & the kind of attitude it takes to survive in that density. Every time a greeny liberal progressive makes these plans for their super-dense city, all i can think about are the insane new laws that will be in place controlling all of our normal human behaviors. No touching. No yelling. No smells. No drinking. We've already got no smoking. With all the "conscious living", they'll be so conscious of their neighbors that they'll be ratting everyone out to the police for supposed crimes 24/7, instead of gaining the correct attitude of "you do your own thing, i'll do mine, don't get in my way."

Submitted by Mr. Sean (not verified) on Tue, 07/07/2009 - 19:34.
another drowning Polar bear has been saved !

Sprawl, global whining, livability, oh my. Most who seek "livability" actually mean living in a almost entirely white Disneyland city like the smart growth green city USA Portland. The buzzwords sustainability, climate crisis, livability, and sprawl mean nothing, zero, nada. Specificity is important in journalism.

Submitted by Livabull B.S. (not verified) on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 15:32.

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