The Legendary Roots Crew + Lyrics Born

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The Roots live at McDonald Theatre (4.11.09 Eugene, Oregon)

You already know the deal. I don't have to write it. There are very few bands out there that can put on a show like The Roots. Seeing them live is like listening to your favorite mixtape. They hit you with a range of material from their 16 years in the game along with cleverly weaved-in covers of artists you may not expect. & they somehow manage to keep the energy level at 11 the entire time.

Three things I will say:
• New Roots album coming this summer entitled How I Got Over.
• Local Cut posted an interesting interview with Questlove
• Questlove's twit on walking the streets of Eugene cracked me the f up.

I was late getting to the McD Saturday ... even though I THOUGHT I was early. (Note to self: shows that say they start at 8 actually DO start at 8 sometimes.) So I missed Lyrics Born's set. Literally walked in as he was walking off stage. But he and Joyo were kind of enough to let me get a few photos backstage afterwards. He also filled me in on his plans to get his new album out by fall. Download a taste of the new stuff and keep up to date on the latest LB news here.

Lyrics Born & Joyo Velarde at McDonald Theatre (4.11.09 Eugene, Oregon)

Click here for more.

Click on any image of The Roots to see the whole gallery of images from their performance.

The Roots live at McDonald Theatre (4.11.09 Eugene, Oregon)

The Roots live at McDonald Theatre (4.11.09 Eugene, Oregon)

The Roots live at McDonald Theatre (4.11.09 Eugene, Oregon)

The Roots live at McDonald Theatre (4.11.09 Eugene, Oregon)

I leave you with one of my favorite LB verses of all time (very appropriate for this time of year .... OREGON DEPT. OF REV., I'M LOOKIN AT YOU):

Man, fuck that shit, I pay my taxes when I'm asked to
I'm not enthusiastic about it, but shit I make it happen
Yeah, it's last minute, but goddammit they cash it
"This is fiscal harassment! They keep touching my assets!"
Now I imagine I might be feeling different about it
If it was given outright, witnessing it helping somebody
But it just so happens in life, the school district's too crowded
There ain't no teachers in sight, that's why the kids are so rowdy
I just imagine some asshole with glasses on up at the capital
One of a thousand pawns packed in an office, cramped up like animals
Pictures of his sister, his mixture Lhasa Apso poodle
His 2.6 kids and the Mrs. thumb-tacked to his cubicle
So damned detached from the average man's planet he can't fathom
That he can ever be anything other than stats, fat and taxable
He's getting his usual, ritual 2 o'clock cup of noodles on
Fucking you with your W-2, with his John Denver music on

Lyrics Born at McDonald Theatre (4.11.09 Eugene, Oregon)

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