OSF Sells Costumes; I Have a Big Idea

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Two things, Friday peeps!

1. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is having a COSTUME SALE.

Maria (Robini Goodlin Nordli), Olivia (Miriam Laube) and Malvolio (Christopher Liam Moore) in a particularly amusing scene during this year's Twelfth Night. Photo by Jenny Graham.

Want somma this? (Well, not this; but things from other years>?) The deets:

Saturday, August 7th 9:00am-3:00pm
Parking Lot of 255 Helman St. #4 , Ashland (Corner of Hersey & Helman)
• Period costumes, vintage and contemporary clothing • Thousands of pieces from years of shows • Prices from $1 - $100 • All prices FIRM • All sales AS-IS • All sales FINAL • CASH or LOCAL CHECK ONLY • No early birds please • One day only

Pretty cool, no? Did you know that in Eugene, the go-to costume place is the Very Little Theatre? That's right! Eighty-one years in the biz will get you a lot of costumes. (I'm going there tonight. By the way, if you read in our calendar that you can buy tix online for VLT, we're sorry and we're wrong: it's 541-344-7751 for tix.)

Ennnnyway, I see Ashland pilgrimage ahead! Are you up for it, Eugene?

2. I decided to clean out some files and declutter my office. In the process, I found about a gazillion old playbills from things I've reviewed. And I thought, "Why not create a searchable, online database of Eugene performances, performers, directors, crew, etc.?"

It's in its infancy right now, but I'm hoping to work with a smart database person, local theaters, other media people etc. so that the Eugene-Springfield-Cottage Grove etc. area can have the kind of searchable info, maybe with bios, that I find on the OSF Ashland site whenever I need to know about the actors.

Love the database idea!

Love the database idea!

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