oil spill

The Associated Press has developed a "Spillmeter" widget that keeps tabs on how much oil is still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, months after the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

It's depressing, but you can see it here: http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/_national/spillmeter/

The spillmeter brings home the amount of spewing oil by converting gallons of oil to swimming pool and cans of soda equivalents.

Eugene Weekly can't run the Spillmeter on our website, we're not AP members. But The Register-Guard can. Maybe they can drop their weird pie graph survey thingy to make room? Ooh, or maybe the Spillmeter could pop up instead of that creepy ad for whiter teeth and losing weight? Feel free to drop them a note at feedback@registerguard.com or rgletters@registerguard.com and ask them to run the Spillmeter.

As long as we're picking on oil and the R-G, that paper is hiring a new business reporter, and it looks like a key job requirement for working at the paper is driving a car.


Possession of a reliable, fully-insured automobile (car or truck) available at work during working hours; valid Oregon driver’s license; and a good driving record.

What about access to a bike and public transportation? Maybe the R-G could invest in a couple shared staff Priuses (Prii? You know, the Toyota Pious) that reporters could grab, get to a story on time AND cut down on fossil fuels.

Here at EW staffers walk, bike (trike), bus and sometimes drive.

But if you're interested in applying for that R-G reporting job the advertisement also says, that you have to be able to spell, and "to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with news sources, insofar as possible."

Heh. Good luck with that one.

Oil spill clean up 101. Heads up for foul language.

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