38:21 minutes (6.59 MB)

Portland's elected City Auditor Gary Blackmer visited Eugene for the third time last week and outlined why the city of Eugene should have an independent auditor, what kind of auditor it could be and the pitfalls to avoid.

Blackmer spoke at the Citizens for Public Accountability annual meeting Nov. 29 along with Mayor Kitty Piercy.

56:47 minutes (51.99 MB)

In the debut episode of Signal:Noise, join host Mr. Chuck as he charts a course through the loosely defined theme of NEW, makes unfunny quips using the F-word, plays a song that contains both "the news" and "nudity," forces himself to forget the date of a band's upcoming show in Portland, plugs the EW's blog and new personals site, Wink + Kink, thereby unwittingly announcing that he's single, and features a whole lot of great music from Los Campesinos!, The Teenagers, Beach House, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Muke, Cat Power, Handsome Furs and more.

43:03 minutes (39.41 MB)

DDDANCEEEE! Episode 2 of Signal:Noise collects songs with “dance,” “dancing,” or similar dance-related words in their titles for an arbitrary show that may or may not be full of dance music. As always, host Mr. Chuck trips over his words, nearly calls Austin, Texas Oxford, Texas, fails to pronounce Portland music venue Berbati’s Pan (and doesn’t even try), realizes the Sasquatch Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend is absolutely going to kick ass, and plays new and old music from Ghostland Observatory, Justice, The Pipettes, The Cave Singers, Lucy Bland, The Breeders, Black Kids, Basia Bulat, Beck and other bands starting with the letter B.

70:34 minutes (64.62 MB)

PDX I Love You. Episode 3 of Signal:Noise gives a shout-out to the Portland music scene (reminding listeners that many of P-town’s better musicians have paid their dues in the Southern Willamette Valley) with an all-Portland show. Recording in the wee hours of the morning, host Mr. Chuck explains his connection to the band YACHT and plays some lovely tunes from Horse Feathers, Eskimo and Sons, The Thermals, Blue Skies for Black Hearts, Colin Meloy, Chores, Loch Lomond, Chromatics, Mirah, The Soft Tags, Quasi and presents to you, dear listeners, the song that started it all: the birth-song of indie rock! Can you take a guess? PLUS: Exciting news to make your digestion of Signal:Noise go down smoother: iTunes users can now subscribe to the podcast here!

18:01 minutes (8.26 MB)
72:29 minutes (66.37 MB)

The Sick Show. On the fourth installment of Signal:Noise join an ill Mr. Chuck as he charts you through the latest murky depths of electro-pop, bubble pop and just pop. He makes no apologies for leaving the B’s off his words because that’s what colds do to you! An F-bomb may make an appearance somewhere on the show. Every effort was made to obliterate such filth with the antibiotic bleeping tool, however: Parental discretion is advised. Wash your hands with the likes of Handsome Furs, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Animal Collective, Wolf Parade, Caribou, Portis-f**king-head!!!, Port O’Brien, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ghosties, WHY?, LCD Soundsystem, Rilo Kiley and more! And remember, iTunes users can subscribe to this podcast by clicking HERE.

97:06 minutes (22.68 MB)
55:11 minutes (50.53 MB)

Welcome to the fifth installment of Signal:Noise, where nothing is sacred. Join a one-eyed Mr. Chuck in the land of fourths and fifths as he checks out the European subcontinent (perhaps unintended), discovers the many shows he can "see" in Portland (especially the Doug Fir Lounge) in the upcoming months, describes Ladytron as a French band (it isn't) and plays music by the likes of Tapes N Tapes, Au, Blake/e/e/e, My Morning Jacket, The Dodos, The Long Blondes, El Perro Del Mar, Free Blood, The Boss REMIXED and more! And remember, iTunes users can subscribe to this podcast by clicking HERE.

38:08 minutes (17.74 MB)
91:51 minutes (84.1 MB)

The LP Show. A show in which Mr. Chuck plays really, really, really long songs in honor of his bout with Mono, the viral infection, and subsequent road trip to Southeastern Utah for R&R and where he says the word “songs” incessantly … probably because he’s feverish and delirious. But he does play long-playing songs from the likes of Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, Beck, Explosions in the Sky, Islands, Yo La Tengo, Animal Collective and more for a show that breaks out the jams and busts time zones. And remember, iTunes users can subscribe to this podcast by clicking HERE.

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